A Journey of Perfection


Emiliano Zapata is not only a menswear brand but a harmonious combination of ideals which result in the embodiment of our core principles in every collection that we create.

Care, Expertise and Perfection

In Emiliano Zapata, these core values are observed everywhere throughout our value chain: from the design room to the production facility to the showroom.

We believe that the garments of Emiliano Zapata should be accessible for any individual across the globe with an aspiration for superior quality and an innovative sense of style.

As a result of this particular motivation, we consider partnerships with professionals throughout different parts of the World who will be able to carry our brand image in a form of franchise business model.


Our Stores

A store of Emiliano Zapata is a reflection of our unwavering standard of perfection. Every item and material that brings together our stores are meticulously selected in order to compliment the collections that we offer to our customers’ liking.

Our team of interior designers which consist of experienced professionals within their fields, ensure a consistency behind each and every store. This way, regardless of the location, when a customer enters an Emiliano Zapata store, the experience that they will have will remain at the same superior level.



More on the Franchise System

The main value brought by that our approach on the franchise system stems from the fact that Emiliano Zapata does not only offer products, but a whole concept which is created around many different elements that we’ve carefully brought together within years.

Once our journey begins with a franchise partner, we take care of all the store design aspects which include interior drawings and material selections. This way, our partners know exactly how their store is going to look like right from the start.

In addition, our complete collections which are updated every season allows our franchise partners to choose from a fine selection of garments with an extensive variety.

Overall, the system that we offer translates into a more sustainable partnership where the franchise partner can solely focus on driving sales and expanding their portfolio.


If our franchise model is of any interest, please feel free to reach us from:

contact@emilianozapata.com or Contact Form