Emiliano Zapata The Origins

Inspired by the sheer demand for leather garments at the beginning of 90’s, our founders have taken the first steps to create, produce and sell their own designs of leather jackets by using a small atelier that held only a handful of their products.

As the time passed, the humble beginnings for our brand has evolved into an exciting journey.

With the consistency of our brand’s standards on high quality and craftsmanship, also came more demand and a larger customer profile which consisted of consumers who had different needs. Due to this widening of the customer variety, came new designs and products. At the end of its 30 years of evolution, Emiliano Zapata has emerged as an international player in menswear industry which keeps growing its brand perception.

Emiliano Zapata, with quality and the consumer experience as being the main focus, has established itself within the fashion industry over the years through consistently developing its brand value and expanding its range of products.

Our Production Philosophy

A final product of Emiliano Zapata combines the elements of consumer desire and the finest materials available.

Our production philosophy is based on a number of core elements:

Care, Expertise and Perfection

As a well-established company within the fashion industry, our main principle is that each garment or accessory which comes out Emiliano Zapata’s production process has to be able to carry our brand image forward.


Before reaching the actual production stage, all of our garments go through a sophisticated process of virtual design, material selection and sampling in order to ensure that the item of concern fits what we imagine it to become.

Once a sample for a product gets the approval, our production team of experts take care of the rest in order to bring together the consumer and the item.


After receiving the approval for production, our ideas come alive through the expert craft that our team of specialists demonstrate.

The finest materials that are supplied by Emiliano Zapata unleash their potential after they get turned into final products.

Quality Control

Every single item which leaves the Emiliano Zapata production facilities go through a meticulous quality control stage. This way, we absolutely make sure that any product which meets the consumer meets the standards of Emiliano Zapata.